Innovate with startups to create the new offers of tomorrow.

The Adopt A Startup program allows the testing in real conditions during an event, on a public reception site or at an event service provider, of an innovative device already designed and starting its marketing.


It is particularly aimed at any actor wishing to test an innovative solution responding to one of its priority issues.


French Event Booster, whose mission is to help disseminate open innovation processes within the sector, offers to support this approach in its realization.


The purpose of this program is to support the resumption and attractiveness of events at the national level and to maintain France in the Top 5 leaders in hosting and organizing events.


From this test must emerge a win-win relationship, by providing on the one hand the startup the opportunity to test its product, service or business model, while on the other hand reducing the points of friction identified in an actor. established.

Adopt a startup