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Charlie Solutions


Basile Melchior +33 6 88 29 60 28

Use Case

Event Production*.

  • As an event production manager, I am responsible for ensuring the proper deployment of human and material resources in the field. I would like to know in real time where my equipment is located on the different events.
  • How can I check that all my teams have the necessary equipment at the right time?

**Without Charlie

  • Loss of time in inventorying equipment on the sites where we intervene
  • Waste of time searching for missing equipment

**With Charlie

  • Precise overview of the equipment held by my teams
  • Real time location of missing equipment
  • Better management of the assignment


  • Number of employees: 8
  • Start date: 2020


I quickly get the position of my machines and their equipment and I don't forget any control thanks to the alerts.
Damien Gouveia - Manager, GDCI

I appreciate their commercial availability, their ability to listen to needs and their capacity to develop their solution according to their customers' expectations.
Xavier Rabourdin - Leasing Director, MANITOWOC