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Vuk Milinkovic

Use Case

e180 creates networking and learning experiences for events around the world Use Braindate at trade shows to:

  • Create meaningful networking opportunities in a live, virtual or hybrid setting,
  • Boost lead generation and business development,
  • Reconcile sponsors and attendees,
  • Establish your thought leadership,
  • Host AMA sessions from subject matter experts,
  • Foster industry trends and best practice conversations,
  • Conducting focus groups and user interviews.


  • Number of employees: 35
  • Date of establishment: 2011
  • Business abroad: Yes


“Braindate’s interest and topic based networking allows participants to engage more rapidly in deeper conversation. It creates better human interactions that result in better business results.”
Anick Beaulieu - V.P. of Growth and Partnerships at C2

“Braindates have become part of the core of our mentorship and networking programs at SaaStr events. As hosts of a community-centric event, our partnership with Braindate allows many more attendees to network with their fellow SaaS community members. The connections, funding and even recruiting that has successfully taken place via Braindate each year is highly valued by our community as a whole.”
Amelia Ibarra - SVP and GM at SAASTR

"Braindate gave us all the support we needed. Having the Braindate team as a production partner throughout the planning process was really critical to the success of the event.”
Jessie States - Director, MPI Academy

“One of the things I most appreciated about the in-person Braindate experience were the learning concierges…I was lucky enough to have a dedicated concierge who introduced herself to me over email before event. She was super helpful and guided me through setting up my first braindate, and even made an effort to meet up with me in person to see how my experience was going!”
Anna Chu - Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft

“Because of Braindate, I was able to come back to Montreal and have an exhibition. I would have never thought that was possible. Where else can a connection like this be made? Where I could give something to someone and that we could form a real friendship.”
Lee Kim - Global Congress Lead, Pfizer

"Braindate is one of the most creative ways to induce innovative collaboration. Priceless!”
Jason A. Riley - Head of Global Talent Strategy, Management and Development, GE healthcare